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September 1, 20200

WordPress Development Services Gives The Websites An Appeal
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Every business owner be it an individual or a company want to keep pace with technology. The foremost requirement these days is to have web presence. This gives a feeling of completion to the organization. Moreover it is trendy to be a dot com. Trends often speaks for itself. The website designing is a huge sector because of the multiple tools attached with it. Hence it is essential to have a website and create your online demand among visitors.

Web designing has become a complex place with the facility of many development processes. WordPress is one such web creation tool which has picked momentum in the recent years. It is an online open source written in PHP which is used in content management system and blogging. It is based on MySQL and PHP. The co founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little introduced this CMS in the year 2003.

First thing first. The people who want to design an awesome website using WordPress have to download the same and it is absolutely free. It can be used as

A self hosted website downloadable from WordPress.org
It can be used as a hosted service which can be downloaded from WordPress.com

Who uses WordPress?
Wordpress is used for designing a website. The sites which use the same are

1- Music sites
2- News web sites like CNN, The New York Times
3- Blogs for example Tech Crunch and Mashable
4- Fortune 500 companies
5- Celebrities

WordPress has evolved as a very popular blogging software. The emergence of WordPress as content management system has been accepted world wide and websites are using it as a non blogging tool too. Some of the advantages of WordPress are outlined below :

It is easy to use. Addition of new blogs, images and information can be done quite simply. Since technology has taken twists and turns, formatting has also become easy.
Wordpress can be accessed from any computer which has Internet connection. The website can be managed in any computer with login details.

No additional HTML required for formatting. WordPress is a self sufficient tool and can manage formatting on its own. Even large changes can be a mangled simply.

The code used by WordPress is simple which allows it to top the charts of the search engine operations. Tags can further enhance the presence in the search engine pads and hence website developers also propose the use of WordPress to its clients. The clients also look for SEO friendly sites developed for their companies.
The owner of the website can make amendments on their own without the interference of the web developer. Such is the simplicity of WordPress.

Uniqueness and customized websites can be created with the help of WordPress.
Blogging tools are inbuilt in it as it was introduced as a blogging site. It gives a touch of dynamism to the site and the tools make it easy for navigation.
It is multilingual and is available in more than 70 languages. This feature has made WordPress very popular among various platforms.
Wordpress can be extended with the use of plugins. The availability of plugins run in thousands.
It is free and the inbuilt themes make it easy for designing even in circumstances when the availability of web designer is few or nearly none.
With a list of advantages which are impressive, the site becomes interesting and readable for the visitor. The content is managed crisply and the throw of images and videos make the site further interesting.

By saying that WordPress if free, it does not only mean that it is without a price but it also means that the person acquires freedom to deal with changes in the website. Nearly 24% of the web is powered by WordPress. The number does not end there as everyday millions more are joining the gang.

WordPress becomes an obvious solution if your company falls in any of the below mentioned groups :

The company does not have a website maybe for any reason ranging from scarcity of budget or the need was not felt. But things have taken a different source. Web presence has become essential.
The company has a website but does not look the way it should. The web owner is not satisfied with their own site and want changes.
Wordpress can make the website look appealing and the developer can add several features to give it a wannabe effect. People have started blogging in business sites as well. Combination themes always works out better.

The themes of WordPress are responsive in nature which gives it the freedom to be popular among mobile users as well. The websites look appealing in the mobile too even though the constraint of space is inevitable in smart phones. But WordPress surpasses such issues. Websites look good on larger screens but making it presentable at smaller screens is a challenge and WordPress provides full solutions.

WordPress is aiming to be the best in the industry. With a team of qualified professionals, the CMS is clearly the most popular one across the globe. Moreover global hiring of top notch people by WordPress has facilitated the activities. It is attracting individuals and companies like magnet and people are switching to this system for the management if their sites.


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