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LMS Software Solution

Now manage, monitor, & deliver your eLearning programs effortlessly and step-up for a next-gen learning experience.

Most Preferred LMS Software

Our LMS solution adapts to your needs, no matter how niche, how big or small your business is.

  • 50+ Enterprise Clients
  • 11500+ Partner Businesses
  • 19+ Countries Served
  • 10000+ Training sessions

Simple, Smart, Powerful.

Experience the ease and agility of our powerful LMS solution. The top learning management system comes with various in-build functionalities and engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems-

Create Online Courses & Manage Content

Our LMS provides accessible content for students. With our best-in-class LMS solution, you can use integrated content creation tools that support multiple formats. The tools you need are ready immediately.

  • Easy to integrate online tutorials
  • Advanced content management tools
  • Readily available course formats

Video Evaluations

Allow users can record and upload videos of themselves delivering communications such as elevator launches or product overviews. Videos are evaluated through the AI ​​functionality in keywords & the expression rate, as well as by trainers or managers.

  • Easy uploading methods
  • Cloud storage integration
  • AI enabled verification

Monitoring & Reporting

With our top LMS solution, you can chart your users’ progress and activity. It enables you to review performance and learn about the impact of training with dashboards and reports, or create custom reports delivered via email.

  • Admin panel dashboard
  • Automated report delivery
  • AI-enabled performance reviews


Instructor-led Training

Schedule virtual or classroom training with the intuitive ILT module. Built to be simple and used by anyone, our LMS solutions provides user feedback, course evaluation, and easy access to user’s progress.


Learning Notifications

Get real-time activity notifications from your teams and students. Increase course completion rates through unique communications and notifications. An LMS keeps you up to date with your students.


Task Automation

The best LMS should give administrators and instructors the ability to automatically add or complete tasks, giving them more time to focus on teaching. Our top LMS solution can automate tasks such as group enrollment and task assignments.

Custom Feature Upgrades

We offer add-on features to upgrade to your LMS Software and customize the system as per business requirements.


Manage Your Courses

Design your course curriculum with varied categories as you like.


Discussion Forums

Allow discussion forums to interact between students.


Simulated Online Test

Take personalized tests, evaluate and generate a ranking list for your students.


Virtual Classroom

Connect with students from all over the world and share live resources



Select templates and set preferred rules to enable certificates as you like


Media Content Support

Upload as many text, audio, image, animation, & video files or import from cloud storage


Reports & Analysis

Monitor your student’s performance and the growth of your business



Manage courses, classes, exams & classes with our CMS


Payment Gateways

Make payments online and offline with total security

Our Clients Include 250+ Global Brands, Small Businesses, Agencies, Enterprises and Software Companies.

We provide custom FinTech software solutions to financial and FinTech organizations, including banks, credit unions, and all types of enterprises that look to establish effective, digitally-enabled financial processes.

Custom FinTech Applications

Our Custom FinTech app solutions provide end-to-end development of robust FinTech applications on the web and mobile platforms.

  • Custom Reporting
  • Payment Gateways
  • Real-Time Data Interactions

Blockchain-Based FinTech Software Solutions

Our Blockchain-based FinTech software development services are aimed at developing a highly-secured and automated financial system through the power of blockchain digital payments.

  • Decentralized applications
  • Digital Wallets
  • Trading & Securities
Banking Software Solutions

Our banking software solutions aim at developing Core Banking Systems, Banking CRM systems, and much more.

  • Core Banking Platforms
  • Digital Banking Systems Development
  • Loan and Credit Management Systems

Investment Management Software Solutions

Our investment management software solutions specialize in custom investment software solution for asset & portfolio management.

  • Market Data Management
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Robo Advisors & Artificial Intelligence

Trading Platform Solutions

Our trading platform software development services automate trading solutions for brokers, traders, asset managers, and various financial institutions.

  • Custom Trading Software
  • Automated Trading Robots Development
  • Financial Data Analysis Solution

Mobile Banking Application Solutions

Our mobile banking app development offers an intuitive and secure mobile banking solutions to retail and corporate customers.

  • Unified Platform
  • Seamless Multichannel Banking
  • Personalized Experiences

Dedicated Fintech Team

Upgrade your development capabilities and build custom Fintech apps built for your business with the help of our expert dedicated Fintech development teams.

  • Financial risk management solutions
  • Expense & revenue management solutions
  • Tax payment processing solutions

Billing & Payment Solutions

We are a fintech software development company offering solutions that support full-cycle billing and payment workflows, along with providing detailed transaction reporting and statistics.

  • Credit card processing solutions
  • Billing & due payment scheduling
  • Invoicing solutions of several entities

Financial Analytics

We configure & implement scalable & secure data warehouses, OLAP analytics, & AI algorithms to aggregate, classify & analyze a large amount of real-time & historical financial data from disparate sources.

  • Income statements & balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Statements of changes in equity

Taxi Booking Software Solution

Put your business skills in the right direction, grow your business, and increase operational efficiency while our taxi booking software takes care of dispatches and reservations.

Most Preferred Taxi Booking Software

Our white-label taxi app adapts to your needs, no matter how niche, how big or small your business is.

  • 50+ Enterprise Clients
  • 1000+ Partner Businesses
  • 31+ Countries Served
  • 50000+ Rides Booked

Simple, Secure & User-Friendly

Our base solution comes with a number of features for passengers, drivers, administrators, and dispatchers with the option of adding advanced features, integrations, and customization’s based on business needs.

Easy Passenger On boarding

Our Taxi dispatch software offers easy on boarding facilities that makes ride booking easy for passengers.

  • Ride now & schedule ride
  • Fare estimates & arrival ETA
  • Multiple payment options

Advanced Tracking System

Our custom taxi taxi dispatch system with an advanced tracking system allows passengers to track their assigned vehicles to follow their routes using the GPS-enabled tracker.

  • Real-time vehicle & driver tracking
  • Nearby vehicle visibility to get a cab easily
  • Route change options & stoppage addition

Custom Package Plans

Offer passengers custom package plans for their convenience and get returning users. Add or remove customizations as per requirement.

  • Design package plans that suit your audience
  • Separate fare for each unique plan
  • Set limits that fit for your packages

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get useful insights and statistics about their trips, performance, and feedback.

Rider & Driver Rating

Both drivers & passengers have the option to rate their trips and report bad experiences & behavior.

Manage Rides

Manage drivers, customers, vehicles, dispatches, ride categories using admin dashboard.

Additional Benefits of Our Solution

Our taxi booking software comes with a number of benefits. Few of the extra benefits are mentioned below.

Mobile Number Verification

Design your course curriculum with varied categories as you like.

Discussion Forums

Allow discussion forums to interact between students.

Referral Rewards

Take personalized tests, evaluate and generate a ranking list for your students.

Book for Others

Option to book or schedule a trip for others using their location & receive trip details via SMS.

Reports And Analysis

Select templates and set preferred rules to enable certificates as you like

Automated Operation

Achieve automation across multiple operations with the help of our solution.

Notifications Integration

Our Taxi Booking software sends customized notification emails, SMS updates and phone notifications.

Merit Based Incentives

Our taxi booking app provides accurate data that would help you provide incentives to high-performance drivers.

Number Masking

Keep passengers’ and driver’s phone numbers hidden during calls for better security & privacy.

In-App Chat

It allows drivers and passengers to chat with customer support and among each other while booking a ride.

Operational Zone Configuration

Configure the region of operations to receive and send requests to drivers & riders accordingly.

Driver Accounts

A database that includes driver income reports, collection requests, administrative approvals & bank transfers.

Business Segments

Our taxi booking software can serve almost any business segment. Here are some business segments benefiting from our software solutions:

  • Global transport startups

    We help potential startups in transport businesses to book their rides and manage fleets.

  • Taxi & fleet businesses

    Businesses with small to large fleets manage their business operations using our solution.

  • Enterprises & governments

    Be it an enterprise or government offices, we help them manage their employee transportation.

  • Private luxury hire

    Our taxi booking software helps luxury ride providers to accept, schedule and dispatch rides.

  • Carpooling and rental

    We help carpooling and taxi rental businesses manage their bookings and offer rides.

  • Outstation tour businesses

    Tours and travel businesses facilitating outstation rides use our software to manage bookings.


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